PREVENT Impeachment Pledge
With the new wave of fake news headlines and prominent Democrats calling for President Trump to be impeached (and even JAILED) -- we've got to step up and PREVENT their next character assassination.


This will be TEN TIMES worse! They already have Articles of Impeachment drafted, AND they have money to back it up -- money from a major player within the elite ranks of Democrat donors who by signaling his support has legitimized the impeachment push.

SIGN YOUR PERSONAL PREVENT IMPEACHMENT PLEDGE BELOW: I, by digitally signing my name below, do hereby signal my acceptance to become a member of the IMPEACHMENT DEFENSE TEAM. I will not stand on the sidelines while liberal Democrat forces, unable to defeat President Trump at the ballot box in a fair election, seek to usurp the will of the American people by seeking to impeach Donald Trump.
There is much work ahead of us to STOP IMPEACHMENT, and President Trump deserves our best. So, will you click below to make a critical contribution of $5 or more?

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Thank you for stepping up -- we'll be sure President Trump knows you have his back.