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President Donald Trump has a mandate from the American people to defeat the liberal agenda and Keep America Great, but the radical progressive Democrats are opposed to President Trump's America first agenda. Join our grassroots movement behind President Donald Trump, and help us defend him from the radical left as he sets about undoing the progressive policies and regulations that are destroying our nation.

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National pro-Trump political committee launches messages tying Democratic candidates to ‘The Squad’

September 15, 2019

Committee to Defend the President working with Trump supporters to counter Democratic convention message, launches Manchester billboard by John DiStaso MANCHESTER, N.H. — A national political committee promoting President Donald Trump’s reelection is launching an effort to counter the loud and long anti-Trump comments expected to dominate the New Hampshire Democratic Party state convention Saturday. […]

OP-ED: By voting for President Trump, North Carolinians will vote for economic prosperity

September 05, 2019

As North Carolina prepares to host President Trump, its people have plenty to celebrate because of him. by Ted Harvey Thursday, 05 September 2019 12:32 After promising to make America great again in 2016, President Trump’s “America First” agenda has indeed ushered in a new era of economic prosperity—in the Tar Heel State and nationwide. […]

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Donald J. Trump has a mandate to Make America Great Again, and with your help, the Committee to Defend the President is launching the Donald J. Trump War Room — a grassroots effort made up of Trump supporters like you to fight the D.C. liberals and ex-Clinton staffers plotting their revenge against President Donald J. Trump.

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